Virgin NERGI® Mule

16. September 2015

Few years ago when I first saw the mini kiwi, called NERGI®, I was wondering how this little berry would taste. And was really surprised how delicious this fruit is. Now it’s back in season and  will be available from end of August until end of November. NERGI® is a berry that has been growing wildly in Asia over thounsands of years. But has no connection with well the kiwis you and me alsways can find in the supermarket. NERGI® is a berry that doesn’t need to be peeled and is a perfect snack on the go. Full of Vitamin C the little berry is a great nutrition addition to your daily fruit dose. I played a bit around with NERGI® and had a try on the classic mule but as a virgin version. Virgin NERGI® Mule

Ingredients for 4 Virgin Mules:

1 box NERGI®
1 small cucumber
Few twigs of mint
1 small piece of ginger
1 L Tonic Water
Ice cubes


Wash NERGI® and the veggies and cut all in slices. Add ginger and mint into the desired glasses and smash the with a masher. Fill with tonic water and add some ice cubes NERGI® and a bit of mint for decoration. Fill the glasses up with tonic water. You can either enjoy the drink straight away or let it sit for about 2 hours for a more intensive taste.

Virgin NERGI® Mule Virgin NERGI® MuleVirgin NERGI® Mule

And this is how NERGI® is being grown and picked from August to September.

Virgin NERGI® MuleVirgin NERGI® Mule

*in friendly collaboration with NERGI®

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  • Reply Caterina Thursday September 17th, 2015 at 08:50 PM

    Sieht sehr lecker aus. Habe diese Art von Kiwi noch nie gegessen. Und auch noch nirgends gesehen. Muss ich mal drauf achten.
    Super schöne Fotos.
    LG Caterina


  • Reply Nina Wednesday September 23rd, 2015 at 09:31 AM

    Mmhh, hört sich ja super lecker an! Habe vor kurzem ein Rezept über Mosow-Mule geschrieben, aber dein Rezept klingt ja auch fantastisch! Mal schauen wo man diese Kiwi findet…
    LG, Nina von najsattityd.de

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