Preggosaurus Update

20. July 2016

As you might probably think from the title of today’s post, it will be a little preggo(-saurus) update. I love reading such updates in other blogs so I decided why not to give you one on my pregnancy and I will be reveling the sex of our baby. But first I wanted to share this look with you, which I’m wearing mostly on weekends or if the weather cools down a bit. As the belly is growing dressing up get a bit more challenging but nothing impossible. I’ve been loving a comfy pair of leggings, just like these as I’m currently not the biggest fan of pants, paired with some really comfy shoes and a funny tee. I just don’t take myself too serious 🙂

T-Shirt – Asos (get it here)

Leggings – GAP Maternity (get it here)

Shoes –  EMU Australia (get it here)

Bag – Balenciaga (get similar here)

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I’m currently just about to start my 33. week. Which means that I’ll be entering 9th month of the pregnancy and coming closer to my due date in September. I’m still in full progress trying to clear out the baby room, which we are still using a store space and shopping baby stuff.  But  back to my pregnancy. I’ve been actually feeling pretty good so far. Only the first three months have been a bit tough with nausea all day long and some really lovely toilette bowl hugs. But as soon as I reached my 12. week it was all gone and I actually completely forgot how bad it was. Now I’m enjoying one of the most exciting periods of my life.

Cravings: in the first months I loved eating oranges, tomatoes and apples but rather than that I never had any cravings. Also nothing like binge eating, ok there was this pizza thing once 😉 Now with a growing belly I hardly have any space left for food but I actually don’t mind it with the current heat wave.

Weight: up until today I gained about 12kg and I think I will end up with 15-16kg. But I’m really not worried about the weight gain and eat like I usually eat in non-pregnant state. I believe that the body knows what it needs and gains as much as it should.

Sports: before getting pregnant I wanted to keep my workout routine as much as possible but with the sickness in the first months I just couldn’t make it. Starting from week 13 I’m going to a prenatal yoga class about 1-2 times a week. It’s such a blast and I hope it will help with the delivery a bit. Also on my daily routine is a 5km morning walk with Teddy, which is not only the perfect exercise but a great start into a day for 2 1/2 of us.

General well-being: I actually feel great except few situations where I feel like a bug on my back and can’t get up or move in any direction, mostly if I get comfy on the couch.

Sleeping: since we got our new bed sleeping has been pretty much perfect. I still have few sleepless nights but nothing severe. Also I don’t mind getting up once a night for my bathroom run. The only thing that freaks me out a bit that my hands get numb during the night… but this will be over in a few weeks…

But rather than that I feel great and love being pregnant. The only part that is getting a bit tricky is dressing up and finding shoes that still fit (I had to size up with the shoes!!)

PreggosaurusUpdate_7 PreggosaurusUpdate_9PreggosaurusUpdate_4PreggosaurusUpdate_6And while you made it up to here, I think it’s time to reveal baby’s gender. I can’t wait to meet a little mini me, a baby GIRL!! Pink has been quite a bit on my shopping agenda so stay tuned for more on that 🙂

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  • Reply Natali Karppinen Wednesday July 20th, 2016 at 03:57 PM

    Awww! This must be the cutest maternity outfit ever! 🙂


  • Reply caroline Wednesday July 20th, 2016 at 05:04 PM

    Es ist so schoen ueber deiner Schwangerschaft zu lesen, liebe Olga. Ich lese es so gern. Ich erwarte ein Klein baby fuer…naechste woche (!!) und hier in Paris ist es recht anstrengend gerade mit der Waerme? ich freue mich so sehr auf deine naechste post ? pass auf dich/euch ganz schoen auf…alles liebe aus Paris

  • Reply Laura Wednesday July 20th, 2016 at 09:13 PM

    ooh! ich war schon länger nicht mehr hier und habe gar nicht mitbekommen, was da großartiges bevorsteht! herzlichen glückwunsch 🙂 Preggosaurus ist ja uuultra niedlich! das merke ich mir, wenn es bei uns mal so weit ist 🙂 alles gute 🙂 liebe grüße, Blondebunana

  • Reply Caterina Thursday July 21st, 2016 at 11:40 AM

    Oh wie schön ein Mädchen. Herzlichen Glückwunsch. Toll, dass du deine Schwangerschaft so genießen kannst.
    Wünsche dir noch angenehme Wochen bis zur Geburt.

    LG Caterina

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