Interior: Baby Room Inspiration

27. July 2016

Yesterday was my last day of the prenatal classes and now everything that seemed to be so surreal is becoming more and more real. And while not too worried about the birth itself, thanks to the great midwife, who taught the class, the baby room is getting me a bit nervous. Even if we won’t really need the room to the full extend in the first months as she’ll be sleeping in our bedroom first, I really want to get everything ready before her arrival. Just as it would not only let me sleep better as I know the little girl will have her own space but I love the idea of decorating and it makes me get even more excited. I could spend hours and hours scrolling through all the inspiration out there. Similar to the style of our apartment the baby’s room will be decorated with a slight Scandi touch. First I wanted to get light grey furniture but now it will be mostly white. And while I hope I have almost all the furniture ordered and have to wait impatiently now for it to arrive, we still need to get the room cleaned out. This is actually what I have been trying to do the last few weeks. I just can’t believe how much stuff you collect that you don’t really need over the years. And while I’m cleaning the room out step by step everyday, it’s a great way to stay motivated and scroll through some inspiration. NurseryInspiration

White, grey and rose: it’s a great color palette, so calm and clean. The garland and the baby car are just too adorable. NurseryInspiration_2

Flowers: even if this room is a bit too much for my taste, I love the idea of the flowers on the wall. And funny enough even Alex loves it and can imagine putting something similar up on the wall, instead of my beloved pompoms. NurseryInspiration_5

Pompoms: and while talking about this topic. How adorable are these pompoms? We won’t be getting any wallpaper or any other color than white for the walls so why not spice things up with pictures and pompoms 🙂NurseryInspiration_3

Dark wood and striped carpet: our floors are quite similar to those here and I can imagine that such a striped carpet in white and grey would look amazing. So I’m on a hunt for one. If you know where to get one just drop me a message.

Rocking chair: while scrolling through baby rooms we often see the rocking chair by Vitra. I love the shape and we have the regular ones as our dinning chairs, which we love. In light-rose and a shipskin the chair would be just perfect for the baby room.

This is just a few of my favorite designs but there are much more out there. To store all the amazing ideas I created a pin board on Pinterest, which you can find here.

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  • Reply Ulla Wednesday July 27th, 2016 at 03:10 PM

    Wunderbare INspirationen!

  • Reply Olessia Thursday July 28th, 2016 at 03:21 PM

    Tolle Auswahl an wunderschönen Ideen… sehr schön finde ich persönlich das Zimmer auf dem Bild 1, 4 und 5

  • Reply T. Janßen Thursday December 1st, 2016 at 03:31 PM

    Das sind echt tolle Ideen! Besonders die simplen Wandbilder gefallen mir wirklich sehr 🙂

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