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Three Steps to Silky-Soft Hands

11. January 2016

The cold season is pure stress for your hands. Mostly you would run out of the house wearing no gloves and back in warm places the heating makes the hands even dryer. And as hands, just like face, are always visible in winter you can’t hide them. For me hands are as important as the rest of the body and nobody wants to shake dry hands. So today I’m sharing three simple tips how to keep your hands smooth and silky.
1. Scrub – once a week
I try to scrub my hands once a week. This way I can remove the dead skin layer of my hands which makes my hands appear even dryer. Another plus: the skin is now ready for all upcoming treatments.
2. Cream – daily
Especially now a good hand treatment is essential to keep your hand smooth and soft. My current favorite hand treatment cream is Neutrogena and its Limited Edition with Oslo based designers Darling Clementine. The design is inspired through the typical nordic elements like wooden cabins,  gingerbread men, reindeers and snowy landscapes. The newly designed tubes carry the hand cream classic with an extraordinary formula, which is rich in glycerin, 40% to be exact. The formula is inspired by Nowegian fishermen, who traditionally used fish oil, which is high in glycerin, to treat the hands in the cold nordic winter. The Neutrogena cream is so rich and moisturizing that I usually use it in the evening before bed and in the morning before heading out of the house.
3. Wear gloves – every time you go outside
To some of you it might sound strange but keeping your hands in gloves helps them stay smooth and silky. As the hands are being protected from wind, cold and wetness. This point became substantial for me as I’m going outside with Teddy pretty often.
Neutrogena Darling Clementine EditionAnd while on the way I always have a tube of Neutrogena Nowegian Formula Limited Edition hand cream in stylish Scandinavian design with me.

*in friendly collaboration with Neutrogena

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  • Reply Caterina Monday January 11th, 2016 at 10:45 AM

    Ich muss meine Hände auch des Öfteren eincremen. Mag es überhaupt nicht wenn sie spröde und trocken sind.

    LG Caterina

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