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Friday’s Cravings: Vintage Hunt

5. June 2015

Sometimes you come around pieces that you really like but somehow are not brave enough to buy them. That is actually what happens sometimes to me I just can’t decide if I really need that piece and skip the buying action just in order to think about that piece over and over. And in the meantime that piece is sold out so I start searching for that piece in each second hand shop I come around. Actually that is exactly what happened not too long go with a gorgeous Louis Vuitton Noe bucket bag. I found a really nice one in one of the second hand places around Munich but just couldn’t get myself around to buy it as I wasn’t too sure that it was an original piece. So I skipped on it but couldn’t get the gorgeous leather Noe out of my mind and really wanted to get a vintage piece. I ran through several shops offline & online and stopped at Vestiaire Collective. A platform which has been established in 2009 by six fashion and online experts and which is all about luxury fashion. Where each piece is double checked if it’s original or not before heading out to the happy new owner. And while I’ve been surfing the site I found way more pieces that I would love to add to my closet. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Bucket bags are big this summer and I wouldn’t mind this little black leather Noe by Louis Vuitton. 2. The espadrilles by Hermes are perfect companion for hot days. 3. And while it’s sunny outside sunglasses are must at the moment. This pretty number by Céline isn’t only great way to hide the eyes from the sun but also very stylish one. 4. This Chanel brooch transforms each casual look into a chic outfit in no time. 5. With my purse getting older and used out, I wouldn’t mind this golden Prada one.

* in friendly collaboration with Vestiaire Collective

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