Ice Cream Guide Munich – Alpenkuss

19. August 2015

Even if summer is currently off for vacation here in Munich (an no I’m not complaining here), I’m happy to show you my third part of my Munich’s Ice Cream Guide featuring Alpenkuss. Funny enough the place is just less than a few minutes walk from your apartment but I only recently got to try it out and instantly loved what I had in my cone. It’s probably like with all places which are just too close to your home you are too lazy to try them, right? Well the little ice cream shop, which is located in the middle of Viktualien Market (just behind Fisch Witte) is another true family business.  Alexandra Arnold and Marcello Torchiano, brother and sister make all the ice cream flavors in their own ice laboratory just outside of Munich. Natural ingredients are a big must here, so there will be no artificial flavouring, colors or what so ever. As for the flavors Alpenkuss keeps close to the Bavarian roots with Blueberry-Smetana, Kaiserschmarrn or just like I had on my tasting spoon Carrot-Mango. The first is a true highlight and you should try to get your hands on this one while  paying a visit here. The only downside is that the opening hours are just like Viktualien market and there is no fix for my ice cream craving on Sundays. But rather than that you’ll be sure to find me here from time to time.Eisdielen Guide München AlpenkussEisdielen Guide München AlpenkussEisdielen Guide München Alpenkuss

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  • Reply Kali P. Thursday August 20th, 2015 at 02:57 PM

    Eis ist immer gut. Ich würde mir sowas wie Apfel-Karotte mögen, doch die Möhren dürfen nur roh verarbeitet sein, sonst muss ich an Baby-Brei denken *bäh*

    Kali von Miss Bellis Perennis

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