A Weekend in South Tyrol – Part II

9. July 2015

Last week I shared the first part of my diary of my trip to South Tyrol and it’s time for some further impressions of the weekend. After seeing some highlights on Friday, we started the day in very casual way on Saturday by taking a stroll through the gourmet festival in the morning. We tasted a bit more of delicious Speck Alto Adige and I was able to see how the traditional South Tyrollean bread, Schüttelbrot (which means if you translate it shaken bread), is being made. The dough is being shacked quite a bit before it’s baked. Also I was pretty impressed that not only wine is a great produce but also beer, which is brewed in Bolzano, can easily hold up to the German one. SuedtirolPartII_16SuedtirolPartII_2SuedtirolPartII

Next stop was the visit of a traditional milk farm in the mountains of Vinschgau. The ride was pretty curvy but the view made it all up and we could be more happier to have that kind of scenery served with our lunch. Which included next to more homemade ham and sausage also the tradtional Kasknödel with the Stilfser cheese.   The farm produces milk from which the cheese is being made  and for that the milk is being collected every day, no matter what kind of weather it is and where the farm is. Another fun fact that I got to know is that the average size of such farms is no more than 12 cows. Who are a very special breed and were not only super photogenic but also posed better than any model I met. SuedtirolPartII_3 SuedtirolPartII_4 SuedtirolPartII_5 SuedtirolPartII_6 SuedtirolPartII_7 SuedtirolPartII_8 Stilfser Käse aus Südtirol Südtirol SuedtirolPartII_12

On Sunday morning it was just about time to say good bye. Which we did while attending a very bubbly breakfast with a sparkling wine tasting from the local producers. One of my favorites was Arunda, which is known to be the highest sparkling wine yard in Europe and it tasted just way too good. After getting to know that amazing region and falling in love it was pretty hard to say good bye. But I’m sure it was not the last time.
SuedtirolPartII_13 Arunda Sekt SuedtirolPartII_15

* a huge thanks to the Export Organisation South Tyrol for the invitation!

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