A Weekend in South Tyrol – Part I

1. July 2015
Bozen Südtirol

Exactly one month ago I packed my bags and headed out for a trip south. For a very foodie and tasty trip to South Tyrol. My aim of the trip was to get to know South Tyrol from it’s most delicious side, which was a full success after three days of food perfection. During the stay we got to know how the South Tyrolian Speck is being made, got to see one of the most modern apple sort facilities and paid a visit to a traditional milk producer. Suedtirol_PartI_5Suedtirol_PartI_3

On the morning of the first day we drove from Bolzano to Meran to see how the traditional and by the EU certified ham is being made. We were able to see each step from a piece of meat to the ready ham, also see what criteria the producer needs to obtain in order to be able to call him produce, Speck Alto Adige PGI, some of those I also got to know last summer in Munich. Learning that not only a great meat quality is important for the outcome of the product but also that while the meat is being cut it stays intact. Following through the steps we were able also to see how the typical South and North traditions clash in South Tyrol with the most delicious outcome. While the ham is first being smoked first, which is a typical northern way of preserving the meat, it is being hung to air dry afterwards for six month, which is a typical southern way of treating meat produce. Suedtirol_PartI_4Suedtirol_PartI_12Suedtirol_PartI_14

After a delicious lunch break, which was all about the Speck Alto Adige we headed on to see how apples are being grown and sorted and finally stored. Did you know that apples can be stored up to 12 month without loosing on quality? While the oxygen is being taken out and the sorted apples are being chilled they are prevented from deteriorating. Sorting the apples is totally automatic, during that process one apple is being photographed 50 times and the transportation of the apple is by water. During that process we were able to take some fun pictures of Golden Delicious being sorted. Suedtirol_PartI_6 Suedtirol_PartI_8 Suedtirol_PartI_10

After the tour through the facility we took a walk through the apple gardens. Here as far as possible natural methods are being used to keep the apples healthy. Which we could taste at the tasting of some of the apple variety. My favorite kind of apple is Red Delicious, which is an untypical German taste. Suedtirol_PartI_11Stay tuned for the second part of the Weekend in South Tyrol where I take you to a traditional milk farm.

* a huge thanks to the Export Organisation South Tyrol for the invitation!

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    Hey these are great Fotos 🙂
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