Buckwheat Tabbouleh

10. June 2015

Few days ago I bumped into a vegan place that served buckwheat. Something I hadn’t had for ages now. While as kid loved to mix buckwheat with milk and sugar but somehow lost my love for it as I got older until I tried a muesli recipe. And since then I’ve been cooking with buckwheat from time to time and trying out new recipes. Just like today’s totally improvised tabbouleh.



1 cup of buckwheat cooked to instructions 1 cup of small tomatoes 2 small cucumbers 1 small bunch of parsley and cilantro few springs of scallions few springs of mint juice of one lime 1 teaspoon of cumin salt & pepper chili flakes olive oil



Let the buckwheat cool off a bit and stir in the lime juice, oil, salt, cumin and pepper. Chop the tomatoes, cucumber, scallions parsley, cilantro and mint. Mix everything together and it’s ready to eat. If you let the salad sit a bit this helps to improve the flavors. But it’s an easy and light lunch if you are in a hurry.Buckwheat_Tabbouleh_big_3Buckwheat_Tabbouleh_big

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