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Beauty Monday: My Origins Favorites

31. August 2015

There is no other brand like Origins that always steals my beauty heart. Up to today I have discovered so many favorites that I’ve been using and rebuying over and over. While visiting the opening ceremony of the Origins Discovery Counter in Frankfurt I discovered some futher favorites that I’m really enjoying.

Meine Origins Lieblinge

1. Peace of Mind: when I feel I have a slight head ache coming I just put two drops on my forhead and spread the rest between my hands and inhale. In matter of minutes the pain is gone and I feel fresh.

2. Make A Diffenrence Plus + Rejuvinating Moisturizer: this cream has been in some of my favorites posts before and I’m happy to tell you that up until today I haven’t found another one that I like that much. With extracts of Rose of Jericho the skin is not only moisturized when using it, it also learns how to keep the moisture and tends to stay longer hydrated.

3. Make A Diffenrence Plus + Overnight Hydrating Repair Cream: sleep is one of the most important weapons to beat bad looking skin. While sleeping this cream helps produce the enzym Caspase-14, which helps the skin to prevent loosing the moisture.

4. Make A Diffenrence Plus + Rejuvinating Hand Treatment: almost all product of the “Make A Difference Plus +” series are on my favorites list and this hand cream is no exception. With extract from the Rose of Jericho, litchi and watermelon this cream nourishes the hands like no other.

5. Clear Improvement: activated charcoal is the main ingredient of the mask and leaves the pores super duper clean. Being called the vacum cleaner this mask helps to minimize pores and bring the glow back to the skin when used on a regular basis.

6. No Puffery Controlling Roll-On: with extracts of cucumber and aloe this gel reduces the puffiness under the eyes if sleep is something that you haven’t been getting much of. Meine Origins Lieblinge

Meine Origins Lieblinge Meine Origins Lieblinge Meine Origins Lieblinge

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