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Beauty Monday: La Mer – The Renewal Oil

9. November 2015

I like to use things in any kind of way but not in the way those thing should be used. One of my most favorite things is the swap of bronzer to eye shadow. I tend to forget to pack my eye shadow with me while I’m traveling, but will find myself having a bronzer in my beauty bag in 99% of time. So I will just use my finger and will swipe the bronzer over my eyelid to give it a bit of dimension. A kind of very multipurpose usage of the product, which is very similar to the newest addition from La Mer, The Renewal Oil. The oil can be used in any desired way as face oil, under the shower or even on your hair. With ingredients like Miracle BrothTM and The New Renewal Ferment, the oil is a two phase oil. By simply shaking the bottle the ingredients are being activated, similar to the warming of the legendary Créme de La Mer between the hands and can be applied to the desired parts of the body. 

I had the possibility to play around with The Renewal Oil and find out which would be my favorite way of using it. One is using the oil on my really dry hand and cuticles. Just a few drops are enough to moisturize the dry skin on my hands. Another favorite way of using the oil is on my hair. My ends are now really dry due to pushing my visit to hairdresser further away, so I apply few drops on the ends of my hair and it’s back to shiny.La Mer The Renewal OilLa Mer The Renewal Oil La Mer The Renewal Oil

*in friendly collaboration with La Mer

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