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Finding the ONE HandbagFinding the ONE Handbag

27. August 2015

Finding the ONE handbag that was the topic of our girl get together at Ingolstadt Village. Together with Eva Padberg and Jana Pallaske, we chatted about the perfect companion of each women, the handbag and also got some little insights into the handbags. One of the things that we realized pretty quickly is that most of us still haven’t found the one and only. For a short moment we think that we found her, but then mostly another one distracts our attention and we start hunting for the next handbag again. My perfect companion right now is my beloved Céline Trapez, which was a gift by my husbands a Christmas ago. But I’m also having an affair here and there but right now always coming back to my Céline. Another fun fact that we stated was, that there are two types of girls in terms what they have in their handbags. One is the minimalist, she carries the most basic pieces in there and these are all the pieces that she needs to get her through the day or the evening. Then there is Miss MacGyver, she will always have everything that you might need to survive an outdoor hike, which could last few days, from chewing gum to first aid kit and healing stones. I would actually say I’m the type number two. Carrying way too many things like dog treats, an extra leash, doggy bags but also some girly essentials like a comb, hand cream and lipstick. Well and rather basic pieces, like wallet, keys, my phone and a camera can be found inside, which sums up the weight of the bag to 3-5 kg. Which is quite a workout to carry it around.

Bags in Ingolstadt VillageBut coming back to the dream bags in Ingolstadt Village there were so many gorgeous pieces we found on our tour through the boutiques. It was for sure not the last time I entered Gucci and Jimmy Choo and will be for sure coming back to bring one of the beauty back home with me. I just couldn’t decide this time. Next on my list is Wertheim Village, so I don’t miss out any precious bag there as well. IngolstadtVillageHandtaschen_3

What’s in Jana Pallaske’s bag. This Miss MacGyver girl always has the right piece for the specific situation. IngolstadtVillageHandtaschen_4

With my Vicky, he best shopping partner in crime one would wish for. Bags in Ingolstadt Village Bags in Ingolstadt VillageIngolstadtVillageHandtaschen_7 IngolstadtVillageHandtaschen_8 Bags in Ingolstadt Village IngolstadtVillageHandtaschen_10

*in friendly Collaboration with Ingolstadt Village und Wertheim Village

Photos: me and Vicky

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  • Reply HappyFace313 Thursday August 27th, 2015 at 10:38 PM

    🙂 Uij, das wäre ein für meine Brieftasche sehr gefährlicher Ausflug gewesen…Taschen kann “Frau” nie genug haben. Leider schleppe ich auch immer alles mit, so dass meine Taschen auch immer extrem schwer sind.
    Also willkommen im Club, liebe Olga 🙂

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