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A Night In Hamburg With Chanel

8. June 2015

Last week I followed an invitation to Hamburg to meet Chanel’s newest beauty highlights. One of them was Chanel Chance Eau Vive. The latest addition to the Chanel Chance family is fresh and slightly citrusy scent with accords of grapefruit and pomelo. A great summer treat and an energizing pick me up. To get us into the Chance mood drinks which matched with ingredients of each of four scents have been served. And oh boy were they good. I also managed to get a secret basic sirup recipe, which I’ll trying out.

Chanel_EauVive_OpenDoors_big_2Chanel_EauVive_OpenDoors_big_3Chanel_EauVive_OpenDoors_big_4 Chanel_EauVive_OpenDoors_big_5

But the night was not only all about the scent we also had a sneak peak at the upcoming make-up collections. One of them is “Blue Rhythm”, which is themed all about the color blue and is focused on eyes. I instantly fell in love with the amazing blue nail polishes. And you know me, I have been loving and collecting Chanel nail polishes since I can remember.Chanel_EauVive_OpenDoors_big_6 Chanel_EauVive_OpenDoors_big_7

“Les Autommales” is the name of the Fall 2015 collection, which is all about the colors of nature during that season. Lots of khakis, browns and copper were spotted here. One of the highlights was Illusion d’Ombre in a gorgeous copper peachy color. Another one was Chanel Joues Contraste Blush which brought a gorgeous glow to the cheeks and probably went on the wish list of each of the girls that evening.Chanel_EauVive_OpenDoors_big_8

And while just seeing and talking about the products wouldn’t be enough, we were able to play with each product. Either on our own or by one of the Chanel spokespersons and national make-up artist, Loni Baur and Martin Schmid. I took the opportunity to try something new and Loni played around with colors copper and khaki, I would never try out on my own. The result was a face with that glow I’m always trying to achieve and a gorgeous light smokey eye.

Thank you Chanel for making my wish list endless and for this great evening!Chanel_EauVive_OpenDoors_big_9 202409-2825

*Animation – Klaus Knuffmann

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